Inflation controlled

Government has established a Price Stabilization Fund of 500Cr Rupees while taking financial and administrative measures to contain inflation. Minimum export price increased so that supply of Onion and Potato could be increased. State Governments were asked to establish Special Courts to speedily clear cases of hoarding and black marketing. Due to this Inflation has come down tremendously. Stock inflation has come down at lowest level in last five year.

Inflation based on Stock Price Index has slipped to amere 1.77% in October 2014 while this was 7.24% in October 2013 and 6.18% in May 2014 during the rule of UPA. Similarly Inflation related to Consumer price Index reduced to   5.52% in October 2014 while it was 10.17% in October 2013 and 8.28% in may 2014. Petrol and diesel has also become cheaper. In New Delhi Petrol prices were Rs71.45 per litre on June1,2014 and it has come down to Rs64.27 per litre in Nov2014 after the NDA  government came to power. Petrol prices have decreased at different ratios in various states. Diesel price was Rs57.28per litre in June.1,2014 in New Delhi which reduced to Rs53.28 per litre after the NDA came to power. Price of diesel decreased in various states in different ratios.

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