President – Shri Laloobhai Parekh

General Secretary – Shri Amit Tiwari

Vice Presidents – Shri B N Bhanot, Shri Dr I Aggrawal and Shri Darshan Grewal

National Treasurer – Shri Shashikant Patel

IT and Communication – Shri Sanjay Kadia

Public Relation – Shri Rajesh Singh


Overseas Friends of BJP (U.K ) – Aims & Objectives

  • Promote and propagate the policies and the principles of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP ) India in the global interest of democracy.
  • Strengthen support for the BJP among the British Indians and the interested indigenous population with a view to improving relations between the two countries and their nationals.
  • Establish friendly contacts with the British political and social organizations for exchange of views on matter of national and international importance encouraging better understanding and goodwill.
  • Disseminate information about the BJP, its policies and strategy on important issues and political developments in India through electronic and print media.
  • Undertake such activities in the UK as may help increase awareness about the BJP role in Indian Politics and its commitment to India’s all round development keeping pace with rest of the World.

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