OFBJP UK held its Karyakarta Training Day in London on 2nd December 2018

Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) held its Karyakarta training day in Indian Gymkhana Osterley, London on Sunday, 2nd December 2018. It was attended by approximately 200 members from several different towns of UK including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Edinburgh.  There were more than 50 women members.


Mr Vijay Chauthaiwale, in-charge of foreign affairs cell of BJP specially flew from India to attend it.This was the first such event in a series of programmes planned to galvanise the Indian diaspora in UK, to support the 2019 election campaign of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.


OFBJP UK has devised a new strategy to connect the maximum number of diaspora to BJP. It has grouped its members based on the state of their origin in India. This idea has proved very successful. 20 such state groups were represented in the daylong programme. It has plans to take it to districts and parliamentary constituency level.

Along with Mr Chauthaiwale, Mr Manoj Ladwa, one of the leading members of the Modi’s campaign team from UK; and Dr Anand Arya, vice president of OFBJP UK guided the participants on the background

and history of OFBJP UK, the methodology and strategy of supporting Modi’s 2019 election campaign. It was decided to project the achievements of Modi government of last 4.5 years using social media and connect to the voters of their area of origin in India. There was great enthusiasm amongst the participants some of whom suggested very novel methods to support the 2019 election campaign.


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