OFBJP UK celebrated the Indian Republic Day on 26th January 2014

The East London branch of OFBJP UK celebrated the Indian Republic Day along with the recent BJP victory in 3 states and a majority vote share in the 4th state ( Delhi). It was held in New Hall of the Hindu Centre Ilford  in Ilfford , East London.


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It was a huge turnout of approx 250-300 people. The event was compered by Smt Vinaya Sharmaji under the leadership of Shri Shashi Chibber, Chairman of East London Branch and Shri B N Bhanot , Vice President of OFBJP UK. The guest of honour was Rt Hon MP for South Illford Mr Michael Gapes , who lit the traditional lamp and gave a fine speech of The importance of India’s contribution to the world and also the recently formed APPGH ( All party parliamentary group for Hindus ). He stressed on how APPGH was a correct step to ensure the rights and views of Hindus in UK were well protected as well as represented for in the halls of the Parliament.


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Shri Bhanotji welcomed all the guests and Shri Chibberji stressed on the current electoral climate in India. Mr Bhanotji also congratulated Mr Brij Mohan Gupta a member of our OFBJP Executive committe for getting gthe MBE from Her Majesty the Queen this year. Shri Nathpuriji who has a huge standing in the Indian community spoke on the occasion and talked about how the Indian economy was being let down by the current Congress led government.


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Speeches were also made on the current mood in the current conducive to BJP by NHSF president Shri Pranav Bhanot and the general secretary of OFBJP – Shri Amit Tiwari.

There were cultural dance and songs provided by Anjali Tohani, Shri Mohan Bhojwani, Shri Sehmi and Shri Surendra Gautam which were quite popular with the audience , many who joined into the singing of the patriotic songs and tunes.


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OFBJP UK President Shri Lalubhai Parekh gave a speech on the rise of Shri Narendra Modi and why he was the correct person to lead India into the 21st century. He requested all the audience members to continue OFBJP’s campaign to write to their family members and friends to vote for Shri Narendra Modi and to ensure BJP gets the required 272 seats in the lok sabha elections. While Cnllr Shri Manji Kara stressed on the importance of India in the present global order as well as how BJP would be the right party to ensure it. Shri Madhava Turumella also spoke on  the concept of Ram Rajya and Shri Nitin Mehta gave a synopsis on healthy living via vegetarianism.

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OFBJP UK Past Present Shri Surendra Sharma gave an excellent kavita which was applauded by everyone and then thanksgiving speech was given by the national treasurer Shri Shashikant Patel.
The show started to the tune of Vande Matram and was ended by everyone standing and singing the national anthem of India and taking a pledge to support and canvass for BJP in the coming Lok Sabha Elections. Refreshments were served in the end of the program and a lot of guests stayed back to enjoy the dinner provided by the VHP Temple management.

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