The Decline of Political Feudalism

unnamed – By Praful Shankar BJP’s Chief Ministerial selections in Haryana and Maharashtra represent a major trend that the political chattering class has conveniently overlooked – the precedence given to credible organizational performance and dedication over dynastic entitlement Ever since Narendra Modi rode into 7 Race Course Road on the back of the strongest mandate any government in New Delhi […]

RSS traps the ‘seculars’ to support ban on conversions of Hindus and others

Article by Shri S. Gurumurthy Is the Stage Set for Mother of All Debates? If, as reported, the conversion of 350 odd Muslims in Ved Nagar in Agra to Hinduism is the work of RSS, it is clear that the RSS has grown strategic. By a small move that is smart too, the RSS seems […]

Hindi may be the new lingua franca of Indian diplomacy

Like many other cultural practices that are a legacy of British colonial rule, English remained the lingua franca of the Indian diplomacy since the country’s independence in 1947. All conversations and correspondence by members of the elite Indian Foreign Service were conducted largely in English, even though Hindi is the country’s national language. But that […]

The Economist’s explanation is rooted in hubris and Hinduphobia

by Shri By Sandeep Balakrishna On June 1, the Economist “explains” as to “Why and how we make election endorsements.” First, it is not an explanation of any sort. It is the crudest display of an arrogant and garrulous piece of journalism. The Economist’s record of reporting on India for long has been shoddy and […]

A vision for India‏

By Shri Amit Tiwari Living outside India most Indians are used to India being called a developing country while most of them live in a country which is generally a ‘developed’ country. Well the good thing is India is now called a developing country or an emerging economy as compared to previously being called a […]
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