India’s Pornography Ban

pp The recent move by the Indian government to block certain sites linked to internet pornography was one which evoked massive debates across various channels. For the left leaning intelligentsia, who generally view the rise of Narendra Modi and the BJP as an affront to their ‘secular’ and ‘progressive’ social consensus, the ban displayed yet another […]

Remembering the great Shyamji Krishna Verma

Pandit Shyamaji Krishna Verma Whilst celebrating India’s Independence Day and revering those that fought for freedom from the British, there are often some great personalities that are forgotten. One of those great advocates of freedom was Shyamji Krishna Verma. Verma was born in 1857 in the Kutch province and studied in Mumbai where he developed a love for the […]

Does The Media Want To Know?

By Praful Shankar It would not be a misstatement to suggest that the ascent of Narendra Modi to the post of the Prime Minister of India was an event that most sections of the national media neither expected nor supported. Despite the fact that almost all sections of the media like to operate under a […]

Reloaded Rahul 2.0 Will Crash India

By Praful Shankar Rahul Gandhi’s recent utterances are not only misinformed, they betray an underlying mindset which seeks to keep India in a perpetual state of poverty. This may be hard for most people to believe today but there was a time when Rahul Gandhi was hailed across most of the political and media spectrum […]

Why the West needs Modi’s India

modi Behind the warm welcome that the PM will be receiving everywhere, lies the hard reality of the shifting global balance of economic power. By Harsh V. Pant Prime Minister Narendra Modi has begun a nine-day tour of three key Western nations which will first take him to France and Germany, where he plans to use […]

Turning Vajpayee Into Nehru

Atal ji The same group which seeks to cast Vajpayee as a “Congressman in BJP” had used the most vicious words for him when he was the Prime Minister By Praful Shankar President Pranab Mukherjee proved that he is a class apart from his less-than-illustrious predecessor last week when he drove over to the residence of former […]

Manmohan Singh’s Moment of Reckoning

manmohan ji   Manmohan Singh’s fall from grace is the latest chapter in the Indian National Congress’ self-inflicted implosion. By Harsh V. Pant The Indian National Congress, India’s Grand Old Party, is lurching from crisis to crisis. In an absence of a coherent political narrative about its future after the May 2014 electoral debacle, it is increasingly […]

Under Modi, India Challenges Old Assumptions

front1 Reversing India’s old non-alignment foreign policies, Modi embraces ties with the US and others By Harsh V. Pant LONDON: The US president’s visit to India in January as the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations has imparted a new sense of dynamism to a relationship that was seemingly drifting in recent years. A […]

Lets Get Some Facts Straight About Delhi

kejriwal An Article by Praful Shankar   Narendra Modi remains the most popular politician in the country today and if the BJP is able to blend his popularity with sound local leadership and organizational effectiveness, the Modi Rath will continue to run for some more time to come One of the side effects of high voltage […]

The Real Reason Why The Opposition is Stalling Parliament

1024px-SansadBhavan_dtv By Praful Shankar The passage of key bills in the Winter Session along with a truly reformist Budget early next year would have put the Modi government’s development agenda fully on track for the remainder of this term. And that is exactly why the Opposition is stalling the Parliament. When Barack Obama was elected as the President […]
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