India’s Pornography Ban

pp The recent move by the Indian government to block certain sites linked to internet pornography was one which evoked massive debates across various channels. For the left leaning intelligentsia, who generally view the rise of Narendra Modi and the BJP as an affront to their ‘secular’ and ‘progressive’ social consensus, the ban displayed yet another […]

Remembering the great Shyamji Krishna Verma

Pandit Shyamaji Krishna Verma Whilst celebrating India’s Independence Day and revering those that fought for freedom from the British, there are often some great personalities that are forgotten. One of those great advocates of freedom was Shyamji Krishna Verma. Verma was born in 1857 in the Kutch province and studied in Mumbai where he developed a love for the […]

Does The Media Want To Know?

By Praful Shankar It would not be a misstatement to suggest that the ascent of Narendra Modi to the post of the Prime Minister of India was an event that most sections of the national media neither expected nor supported. Despite the fact that almost all sections of the media like to operate under a […]

Reloaded Rahul 2.0 Will Crash India

By Praful Shankar Rahul Gandhi’s recent utterances are not only misinformed, they betray an underlying mindset which seeks to keep India in a perpetual state of poverty. This may be hard for most people to believe today but there was a time when Rahul Gandhi was hailed across most of the political and media spectrum […]
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